Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN)

  • Certificate - Vocational Nursing - 1 year program
  • Offered in Monahans and Andrews
  • Eligible for Financial Aid
  • Associate Degree – Yes (see related associate degrees)

Andrews  Extension:    

201 NW Ave. D  

Andrews, Texas 79714  

Phone:  432-­‐524-­‐4022  

Faculty:  Nancy  Wells,  chair;  Nicole  Hays,  Rosa  Tejeda  

Monahans  Center:    

806  South  Dwight

Monahans,  Texas  79756

Phone:  432-­‐335-­‐6390

Mailing  Address:    

P.O.  Box  1370

Monahans,  Texas  79756

Accreditation Status

The  Odessa  College  vocational  nursing  program  is  a  one-­‐ year  certificate  program  to  prepare  the  graduate  to   become  a  licensed  vocational  nurse  (LVN).  Vocational   nursing  education  is  available  at  the  Andrews  and   Monahans  extension  centers.  The  LVN  functions  as  an   important  member  of  a  health  care  team  under  a  licensed  physician and/or a registered nurse’s supervision. Vocational  nurses  provide  care  in  a  variety  of  structured   health  care  settings  for  individual  clients  who  are   experiencing  common  health  problems.  

The  Odessa  College  vocational  nursing  programs  approved   by  the  Texas  Board  of  Nursing.  The  BON  is  located  at  333   Guadalupe,  Austin,  Texas,  78701;  phone  512-­‐305-­‐7400.   The  nursing  curriculum  plan  is  approved  by  the  Texas   Higher  Education  Coordinating  Board  (THECB).    

Licensing  as  a  Vocational  Nurse  (LVN)  

Texas  utilizes  the  title  of  LVN.  Many  other  states  use  LPN   (licensed  practical  nurse)  for  this  level  of  nursing  practice.   The  Odessa  College  vocational  nursing  graduate  must   meet  state  requirements  to  take  the  licensing  examination   National  Council  for  Licensure  Examination  ␣  Practical   Nurse  (NCLEX-­‐PN®).    

Requirements  to  take  the  licensing  examination  to   become  an  LVN  include  the  application  and  approval   process  with  the  BON,  payment  of  fees  to  the  BON,   graduation  from  the  nursing  program,  and  graduate   certification  by  the  director  of  the  vocational  nursing   program.  Be  advised  that  the  BON  requires  fingerprint   identification  to  screen  all  applicants  for  licensure.  The   fingerprints  are  analyzed  by  the  state  of  Texas  and  the  FBI,   and  there  must  be  clearance  on  the  background  check  by   the  BON  prior  to  being  allowed  to  take  the  licensing   examination.  There  are  other  issues  that  may  prevent  an   applicant  from  being  allowed  to  test.  Contact  the  nursing   department  or  the  BON  directly  regarding  any  questions.   

Admission  Requirements  

The  vocational  nursing  program  has  selective  admission   criteria.  Not  all  students  who  apply  are  accepted.  

1) A  new  class  is  admitted  each  fall  semester,  with   classes  beginning  in  August.  Applications  should  be   submitted  by  March  1.  Obtain  the  application  by   downloading  the  documents  from  the  Odessa  College homepage. Go to “Departments List” and “Nursing.”  Perspective  students  may  also  contact  vocational   nursing  programs  directly  to  receive  information.   

2) Students  must  meet  all  criteria  for  admission  to   Odessa  College.  

3) Submit  the  official  high  school  transcript  or  GED   certificate  with  the  completed  application  to  the   extension  site  of  choice.  

4) A  satisfactory  score  on  the  department  approved   admission  test  must  be  achieved.    

Requirements  Following  Admission  

1) Authorize  the  nursing  program  to  conduct  a  criminal   background  check.  Procedure  is  required  for  students   to  enter  various  hospitals  and  agencies  for  clinical   education  portion  of  the  program.  If  the  background   check  is  positive  for  certain  offenses,  the  student  may   not  be  able  to  fulfill  clinical  education  requirements.   Therefore  they  will  not  be  able  to  complete  the   nursing  program  and  will  be  dismissed.    

2) Liability  insurance  is  required  and  is  part  of  the  college   fee  schedule.    

3) Submit  proof  of  health  and  accident  insurance,  which   is  a  requirement  of  the  clinical  agencies.  Student   health  and  accident  insurance  is  available  for   purchase  for  students  who  do  not  have  Medicaid  or  a   private  insurance  policy.    

4) Obtain  and  pass  a  physical  exam  with  drug  screen.  

5) Submit  an  immunization  record  and  obtain  any   needed  immunizations.  All  immunizations  must  be   completed  prior  to  the  start  of  the  first  clinical  course.  

6) Cardiopulmonary  resuscitation  (CPR)  training  is  a   required  competency.  The  class  will  be  provided  to   students  at  the  beginning  of  the  fall  semester.    

Completion  Requirements  

All  courses  in  the  curriculum  are  required.  Students  must   complete  outcome  competencies  for  each  level  with  a   75-­‐79.  Diagnostic  testing  is  required  and is  completed   after  each  area  of  content.  Graduates  have  the   opportunity  to  participate  in  a  completion  ceremony  at   the  end  of  the  educational experience.  Students  must   satisfy  all  college  financial  obligations  and  return  any   borrowed  school  property.   

Student  Responsibility  

Students  must  comply  with  all  school  and  vocational   nursing  program  policies.  Program  policies  are  delineated   in  the  Student  Handbook. 

Course of Study for Associate in Applied Science Degree – Nursing

Semester Hrs

First Semester - Semester Hrs 20
VNSG 1327 Essentials of Medication Administration 3
VNSG 1260 Introductory Clinical Nursing 2
VNSG 1505 Health Science 5
VNSG 1500 Nursing in Health & Illness I 5
VNSG 1502 Applied Nursing Skills I 5
SECOND SEMESTER - Semester Hrs. 14
VNSG 1330 Maternal/Neonatal Nursing 3
VNSG 1334 Pediatrics 3
VNSG 1361 Intermediate Clinical Nursing 3
VNSG 1509 Nursing in Health & Illness II  5
Summer I and II - Semester Hrs. 12 

VNSG 1219 Leadership and Professional Development

VNSG 1238 Mental Illness 2
VNSG 1363 Advanced Clinical Nursing 3
VNSG 1510 Nursing in Health & Illness III  5
Total Semester Hours 46
career opportunities
  • Vocational Nurse - LVN